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Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 2021! A Vegetarian-Friendly Modification of a Polish New Year’s Tradition

A pickle on a fork, over a poster that says "Let's Stay Friends" from Les Say Fav

New Year, new post. Are we posting regularly again? Maybe.

“Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku” is Polish for “Happy New Year”, or “prosperous Happy New Year”, depending which website or grandparent you ask. As posted here before, I made a traditional Polish New Year’s tradition vegetarian. People of Polish descent eat pickled herring (marynowane śledzie) as their first food item in a new year to bring good luck.

I was spared such traditions growing up. Lucky me.

Old traditions persist, however, and maybe we all need a bit of luck. A suitable adaptation for vegetarians is to keep the pickling, and ditch the fish.

The picture also features a poster celebrating the American indie rock band Les Savy Fav from back in the early 21st century. Listening to Les Savy Fav will also increase your chances of luck in the coming year.

Good luck, pickled pals!