The occasion of a royal wedding is a good reason to think of some Crass lyrics, like these from “Yes Sir, I Will”

The wealthy obscene with their obscene wealth Applaud the carnage from their grandstand It's as if they were at Ascot laying their bets; Five to one on the Four Horsemen!  They believe that money can buy them out of the responsibility That they have for the world that they bleed dry They are the true pornographers The real stylists in human perversion Rich educated tarts sit dumbly by Watching their fortunes rise and fall In the neatly pressed pin-striped trousers of the City Debutante whores... in rich men's castles  The ruling elite with their puppet figurehead Queen Elizabeth the Second, Regina-Vagina Strut about on the million of bodies That they have sacrificed to gain their position Who are these leaders but those who have made violence pay? Who are they but the inheritors of their ancestors greed and theft? Their blood stained flags are rags to our future Tattered remnant of our individual rights These rulers are common murderers and thieves But still we bow before them For how long will the masses be so pathetically manipulated by God, Queen and Country!?