Good morning, David Bowie, Lodger.

Fantastic Voyage, drifts out an album/day opener benign as blossoms before unfolding its lyrics, a parasol of depression, recrimination, rumination: loyalty is valuable, but our lives are valuable too…nobody’s perfect…
But that’s no reason / To shoot some of those missiles / Think of us as fatherless scum / It won’t be forgotten / Because we’ll never say anything nice again, will we? Sentiments illuminated as pointed relevant in the simmering summer post-fireworks, all angry ideologues and threats.

Good morning, John Coltrane, Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album.

Truly lost, master tapes thrown away, this is in-between a more convential past and his freer future. Often in the last 21 months thoughts turn on the Church of John Coltrane, his use of music to explore spirituality, art as a higher means of expression, being, and, ultimately, escape or release, depending. Send the Sun Ship.

PS: the freer tracks are my faves.

Good morning, The Rock*A*Teens

Good morning, The RockATeens, Sixth House. Of all the unbelievable 2018isms, this new album is the most welcome. The crooked cracked vocals, bombastic showtune anthems dredged through broken reverbed amps, soothe any aching-hearted optimist. A welcome addition to a band as American as there’s ever been: outcasts, underdogs, heroes.

The Rock*A*Teens’ Sixth House will crash into your life like this tree did to this house.

Good morning, Shellac, Dude Incredible. Twenty-plus years Shellac have pushed against convention with gentle force. Music still hasn’t caught up or fallen back yet. Songs about math, founding fathers, ocd, primal struggles, unions—these our histories, futures, aren’t these all thèmes américains? Universal themes? Themes for all earths, all times? Delivered with humor, unexpected twists, bludgeoning riffs, screaming clang—it shouldn’t be feared. Learn from the past, lean into the future. Every scene needs its own Led Zeppelin, after all.

Monkey lifts monkey upon hearing Shellac’s Dude Incredible